Dear %first_name%,

Thank you for your switcher mortgage enquiry. Please see below the supporting documents we require to prepare and submit your mortgage application:

  1. Checklist of paperwork required.
  2. Certificate of Income to be completed by employer.

If your application is urgent or if you have placed a bid on a property / gone sale agreed please contact our mortgage expert Joey Sheahan on +353868060601

It is prudent to apply for mortgage protection (life cover) as early as possible as this will be a condition of the mortgage. You can apply for a quotation for this now at our sister company

Warm regards,
Joey Sheahan BA QFA
Head of Credit

Good luck with your house hunting is important that you read our terms of business and agree to same. In particular you are engaging our services on the below basis:
1. You agree to engage the Company on a sole mortgage basis. This means that once you engage the Company you will not submit any other mortgage applications and you will discontinue any applications already submitted. In the event where the Company has obtained Approval in Principle for you and you draw down a mortgage but not through the Company, the Company reserves the right to charge you a fee equivalent to one per centum of the Approval in Principle amount.
2.If your mortgage application is declined due to an adverse credit history which was not disclosed to the Company prior to the time of application, a fee of five hundred euro will be payable to the Company.

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