Press ahead if you’re in the market for a new mortgage

Press ahead if you’re in the market for a new mortgage

Posted on 14Nov
Rates are still too high, but playing the waiting game is unlikely to reap rewards, writes John Cradden


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Cork shines a light on homelessness

Posted on 24Oct

Business leaders and employees swapped their cosy offices for the cold and damped surroundings of Spike Island to raise awareness and money for homelessness.

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Cast out for a night: A sleep-out on Cork’s Spike Island shines a ghostly light on homelessness crisis

Posted on 17Oct

Irish Examiner October 17, 2018

Donal O’Keeffe spent the night on Spike Island in Cork as part of Focus Ireland’s Shine A Light sleep-out. He spoke to six business leaders who also took part.

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Images of the Day – The Irish Times

Posted on 16Oct

Island Sleep Out

Joey Sheahan,, participated in the Focus Ireland “Shine A Light” sleep out 2018 which took place at Spike Island Co. Cork to raise funds to combat Homelessness.

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Can I apply for a mortgage from a foreign bank for a home in Ireland?

Posted on 08Oct

Ask the Experts: Can we apply for a loan in Spain, where interest rates are cheaper?

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Plain sailing — even in negative equity

Posted on 04Oct

Your Questions: How can I get out of my expensive fixed rate mortgage deal?

Posted on 04Oct


Charlie Weston 1 sept 2018

Q: I currently have a €300,000 mortgage and have 25 years left on it. Two years ago, I moved to a five-year fixed rate which I thought was a good move because it would give me the peace of mind knowing my repayments won’t change for five years.

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My mortgage is fixed – but can I still switch?

Posted on 22Aug
The answer is yes, but if you are faced with a penalty, the decision on whether or not you switch to a lower cost product will depend on how much you will save by doing so

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Making Cents: Real savings for mortgage holders

Posted on 15Aug

Make the leap to a better lending deal

Posted on 14Aug

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